Thursday, December 15, 2011

No More Ivy League Schools In An Equal Money System - Equal Money FAQ

Ivy League schools only make sense in the current context of a profit-based system. They are really not all about a superior education. They are actually all about money. Only the rich can afford them while the poor are left in inadequate schools which leave them ill-prepared for life in the system. Those who attend Ivy League schools are taught with exclusive efficacy, how to make money. They are taught how to work within and support the system and therefore the system rewards them. But as they work within and support the system, they are at the same time supporting the slavery of the poor, and all the consequences of poverty.

            Graduates of Ivy League schools are given a huge head-start in life in the system. The poor, and even the middle-class, don’t have a chance at competing with them. Yet with all the superior intellect that is supposedly produced by an Ivy League education, nobody has thought up an effective solution to end hunger, or to prevent war and create peace. Neither has anyone been taught how to extend a hand out to help lift their fellow humans up out of poverty. Instead we depend on the poor to remain poor. We depend on the inadequate education of the masses, because if everybody had an Ivy League education, the system would collapse as people would not stand for the system of inequality that exists today.

            In an Equal Money System, the only kind of education system that will make sense is one that provides all human beings with a superior education. Ivy League schools will not exist because they necessarily imply the existence of sub-par education. In an EMS, the education of a person will be to the benefit of everybody, because that person will understand how to exist in this world in an effective and responsible way that considers the rest of life beyond their own experience.

            In an EMS, education will be practical. It will teach people how to live in a way that improves the condition of the earth and the plants, animals and people upon it, so that we leave it in better condition than when we came. Currently, the destruction and devastation that takes place daily is actually justified by current economics. Pollution and waste make sense in capitalism, because it’s cheaper and thus better for the bottom line. But we are leaving a living hell to our grandchildren, who will not be able to trust the water they drink, or eat the fish from the sea, or live in a world where they have security and peace of mind.

            So the answer is No; Ivy League schools will not exist in an Equal Money System, because they support a system of inequality that enslaves the masses and causes millions of innocent people to starve and suffer. Besides, no Ivy League school has ever produced a solution. No amount of expensive education has stopped, slowed or reversed the negative effects of our current system. Everything has gotten worse, and is continuing to get worse all over the world. And it can all be traced back to the economic system. The problem is that it is the very same system that produced Ivy League schools in the first place. Ivy League schools are a product of this system, they are a benefit to this system, and this system benefits them. That is why we propose a change in the economic system- to one that makes sense in reality. The current system is insane, and it acts more like a cancer that will end up killing everyone if it is not stopped. The only benefits it provides are short term profit for the rich, but it looks as though that term is up. Now it’s time for Equal Money- with common sense education producing practical solutions that will last.


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