Friday, December 2, 2011

How will you get people to actually do the work --use force?" Equal Money FAQ

                It’s hard to imagine a world not motivated by money. Every single thing we do in our lives requires to be paid for in one way or another. Money is the driving force in our reality because money is our only ticket to survival, whether it comes from our own pocket or somebody else’s. We as humanity have created and maintained a system of inhumanity that is our economic system. Within this system we are all enslaved in some form or another. Even the rich, who behave according to the conservation and accumulation of wealth first and foremost,  are enslaved by money.
So what will motivate people to work in an economic system that will provide for them unconditionally? What will replace the struggle to survive for most, and the fear of losing the comfort and security of wealth for others? Force will certainly not be used in an Equal Money System (EMS), as it goes against the very principle the system is founded upon, which is equality and oneness, doing what’s best for all, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, giving and receiving as one single action, loving your neighbor…. It’s the same principle in each case, and force will no longer exist because it will have no logical place.

The provision of basic necessities and a comfortable life will be the norm in an EMS, allowing peace of mind to proliferate. The weight that we carry around today as a result of the fear, stress and anxiety that come from a future of financial uncertainty will be lifted. The fear of providing a good life for our children will be gone. And the burden of a 35-55 hour work week will be taken away. At the moment we work in a system that depends on exponential growth, so we have to do more and more work for less and less pay.

It’s not difficult to consider what type of human being an Equal Money System will create, or what children born into this system will become. As children grow up in this system, they will never have to experience the kind of self-compromise we live with today. They will be supported in every way possible to realize their full potential. Therefore, they will have no rational reason to grow up to be lazy, unmotivated and dependent. They will have every reason to be like most young children are today: curious and energetic, excited by the world, fearless to explore themselves and their environment, willing to contribute. It is these qualities and more which are some of the wonders of life that we adults will have to re-learn in order to understand why we will work in an Equal Money System (EMS).

Imagine a human being moved daily by curiosity instead of a pay check, a willingness to contribute instead of stress and anxiety, or excitement and eagerness instead of a benefits package. In an EMS work will be meaningful and will enhance the quality of life as work will only be that which one chooses to do. Whether it’s a fine craft or art, an aptitude for helping others, teaching, research, or forestry etc… it will be done for the sake of the enjoyment one experiences while doing it, while at the same time contributing to all of life. That is giving and receiving at the same time. That is how the system will have people ‘do the work’.

As for the jobs nobody wants to do, the ones that are necessary for the functioning of society: There will be a 4 year period of time after schooling is complete, where all human beings will contribute in this way (maintenance, production etc...). They will be paid, respected and will learn to work together in a supportive rather than competitive environment. This period of time will be spent among peers and will be a very enjoyable time in everyone’s life. Meanwhile, youth will be learning how society functions, what it means to contribute and receive, as well as many of the practical skills required in life.

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