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It is only the lazy people that don't have money - Why should I let others benefit from my hard work?


Some countries in the world have more wealth, usually because of a history of colonization (the development of international law in the form of customs and treaties which were created and implemented by military or economic super-powers designed to keep them in a position of superiority). Or countries which profit off of natural resources such as oil, which is provided freely by the earth but which is extracted and sold to those who need it to survive, in order to gain power and influence. Then there are countries who abuse weaker countries, and grow rich off of monopolizing their natural or human resources, leaving them with nothing. Wealthy countries create appalling living conditions for the poor, conditions which they themselves fear, and conditions which they themselves would never touch.

Wealthier countries can afford to have social services, or social safety nets in place to support the vulnerable and underprivileged portion of the population. Social safety nets exist because capitalism necessarily creates poverty, on the international level as well as within individual states. The existence of the social safety net makes the statement that we are all aware of and consent to a system that creates appalling conditions, conditions which we fear, and conditions that we ourselves would never want to experience. So we work like hell, we sweat and toil for 35-50 average hours a week so that we never end up like ‘them’. We even go so far as to resent them (we would all like to be supported by the system instead of sacrificing our lives to work for money), we call them lazy and blame them for living off of our hard work (we can hardly afford to feed and clothe ourselves).

It is true that while there is some legitimate use of welfare programs, there are also those who abuse them. Individuals and families learn how to ‘work the system’ to gain the maximum assistance by lying and cheating, manipulating and basically stealing from the public purse. Then they teach the next generation to do the same so that the abuse is perpetuated for generations. However this is no different from wealthy business owners, CEO’s and bankers who also ‘work the system’ by finding loopholes in the law (ie: calling a corporation a ‘legal personality’ so that it gains the same rights as a person, and so that the actual human beings behind the corporation don’t have to take responsibility for the suffering caused to other human beings by the corporation, etc…), or hiring lobby groups who successfully influence the law in their favour (for example: tax breaks), they lie, cheat, manipulate and steal just as much, if not more than the ones we call lazy. They also teach the next generation how to ‘play the game’, so that the abuse is perpetuated for generations.

The implementation of an Equal Money System will see an end to these games that strip us of our humanity and our purpose. It will free us from merely surviving to actually expanding and becoming living breathing beings who know who they are and why they’re here. Children will be born into a world where their only goal will be to reach their full potential and be caring, considerate beings, as most children already are. This will happen because they will be supported for life, no matter what, because only our economic system creates the uncertainty and insecurity we currently live with. Children won’t be born into poverty and taught how to survive, or born into riches and taught how to abuse others, they will be born into integrity, decency and equality.

If you’re not on any kind of social assistance but you’re not rich, and you’re thinking “but I love my job, I don’t feel like a slave who sweats and toils for 35-50 hours a week, I love what I do”, then you’re very lucky. You’re also living proof that people can love what they do to the point where their work becomes an expression of that love. If you were supported in terms of having enough food, a nice home, healthcare, transportation, education, communication, but you weren’t required to work, would you quit working and do nothing? Or would you continue to do that which you love?

In an EMS everyone will be freed up to find that which they love to do, and then they can do it without the limitations we currently live with, which are lack of funding, low pay, the stress of debt and deadlines, no medical benefits, etc… Imagine how much more enjoyable it will be to work without all these stresses buzzing around in our heads, keeping us up at night. How nice it will be to stop thinking about all the ‘what-ifs’, because our lives are so insecure that one little accident, one bounced rent check or mortgage payment, one missed deadline can send our entire worlds crashing down.

This brings me to my final argument, which is that we live in a world where the poor are born into a poverty that is usually inescapable. A child brought up in poverty on some kind of social assistance usually will not have educated parents who know what’s best for them, nor will they have the tools to give the child that which it needs to rise above poverty. Individuals born into poverty aren’t the ones getting a good education they’re not the ones qualifying for loans to invest in, for example, small businesses or certificate programs to give them some kind of skills to earn them the money necessary to pay their way. They are no competition to the rich. As a general rule, they don’t have a chance. Their only chance to better themselves, and the only way they may know how, is to work the system that created them. There’s no morality to abide by, the rich are doing the same thing, and the system doesn’t care about them, so why should they care about the system?

We can call them lazy, we can resent them for benefitting off of our hard work, and we can spite them all we want, but the truth is they aren’t going anywhere, not in this economic system. The only solution is to create a system that actually supports everybody, so that everybody can find what they love to do, and do it well for the benefit of all. Not for money, not to survive, but because they love to do it. Then maybe we can experience an appreciation for each other, and a mutual respect for one another as equal human beings, instead of being spiteful and resentful drones pushing the system along as it is, concerned only with our own survival.

Let's not be that anymore, let's all rise above poverty together by not creating it in the first place. Join the Equal Money movement to make this a reality

Friday, November 18, 2011

If we are not driven to compete, will the sexdrive also diminish? Equal Money- FAQ

            What drives the ‘sex drive' in our current reality? Or better yet, how does the context of our current reality permeate everything we do (including our quest for sex), because it’s all we know?

            The context of our current reality is survival, competition, power/domination, and ego. Have a look at how these concepts relate to sex and/or the sex-drive.

With regards to survival, consider the need to pay one’s way to survive- sex is bought and sold as a commodity wherein many men and women sell their bodies in order to buy food, shelter and clothing. In another form of survival, men and women seek wealthy or wealthier partners to marry in order to have financial security, which is another form of prostitution, wherein security in the form of ‘securing one’s place’ in the world, is given in return for a sexual relationship.

There’s also the concept of spreading one’s seed as procreation in order to have the bloodline and DNA survive past the death of the creator, whether it’s a conscious choice or not, to carry the family name and genetic traits- survival of the fittest. We can also consider giving birth to many children to have extra hands in order to work and provide for the survival of the family, or parents having children to ensure there will be someone there to help them survive in their old age.

These are examples of sex driven by survival, which are fear-based and demonstrate very little, if any regard for the quality of the relationship between the two beings involved- there is no certainty that it is an arrangement made within mutual willingness, consent and equality, or whether the dignity, integrity and honour of both beings is taken into consideration at every stage of the act. In an Equal Money System, the need for survival will be removed from our lives and reality because we will be provided for and our futures will be certainties, as the security of the human being will be guaranteed. Children will be born into a world where they will get care when they need it, food when they’re hungry, support in their old age, education, shelter and clothing- all unconditionally as a basic right to life. Sex in an Equal Money System will be a mutual exploration of sexual expression, with no ulterior motives. Physical touch will only be driven by curiosity, innocence and unconditional caring. Therefor the starting point of the sex-drive will change, as no one will ever have to compromise their bodies or sexuality for reasons of survival.

With regards to competition: we are born into a world where our fellow man is our competition. We are taught in school that we must compete with our peers; we must strive to be the best and perform better than the others so we can excel and be noticed in order to compete in the job market. Once employed, we must remain competitive to maintain an endless income for our entire lives. We must also compete for our sexual partners, to get the most beautiful, the most successful, the most popular, the hottest, the sexiest and the richest. We must try to be beautiful and sexy, rich and successful in order to compete for the best mates. The sexual relationship which is produced by this type of reality does not generally take into account who the being is first and foremost. This type of relationship is fraught with judgment, judgment which is created by the external environment which changes from place to place and within time. This fluctuation indicates that these judgment based-decisions are not based on anything real, but rather superficial externalities which are shallow and devoid of the foundational support required to support each other to experience the personal growth and self-expansion. In an EMS competition among beings will be removed and replaced with equality, therefore the drive for sex will be a part of this personal growth and expansion which will be a shared self-intimacy of unlimited depth between beings, and not a shallow and unstable competitive drive in a world of constant and increasing competition.

Power and domination find their place within the sex drive when a man is driven by his superiority over a woman, to dominate and have power over her physically or psychologically. Or when a woman uses her sexuality to manipulate a man ‘like putty in her hands’, wherein she takes advantage of him with her sexual prowess, in a form of power or domination, to have him do for her as she pleases. Power and domination can also be played out within ‘mind games’. Superiority and inferiority can be established within an intellectual capacity and carry over into the sexual aspect of the relationship.
Power and domination are very much inherent in our current systems- the behavior of states on an international level is created by the behavior of individuals, like a magnification of what mankind has accepted and allowed itself to be and become. Unfettered use of power and dominance without any moral or principled restraint is the behavior we are exposed to in so many ways, it is what we know and are taught as the rules of this reality, where it is ok for one state to rape a weaker state of its resources- human or environmental- simply because it can.
In an Equal Money System, this behavior will be seen for what it really is: a disorder and a disease, one that only leads to the reality we see today: one of war, terror, suffering, starvation, rape and murder. This type of disorder will be studied and treated effectively, as resources will not be squirrelled away by the wealthy, but rather distributed equally and diverted to the effective study and treatment of the disorders which today plague humanity and create profit for the powerful and dominant. The desire for sex that is driven by power and domination is abusive in nature and will not be tolerated in an EMS, it will be treated as a dysfunction and any being afflicted will be supported to understand the inherent equality that exists between all beings, wherein no one has to right to have power over, or to dominate, any other being in existence.

A sex-drive based in ego is one which is based in the mind of pictures and images, fetishes and the desire for more. It is the ego that watches porn and feeds its desires through the images and ideas which are created by beings compromising their bodies for profit. Porn-sex is not real, it is not based in anything real and it only serves to manipulate the ego as fantasies of wanting create ‘something more’ out of sex. The egoist desire to have more, to be more, and to create something more than what is actually here or actually present within the act of sex is totally unnecessary- it diminishes the reality of sex, which is two beings, two bodies, two equals sharing simple touch. Sex driven by ego takes place in the mind rather than in the physical, where the act is actually occurring. When one is participating in ego one is not present and aware of the simplicity of the physical act taking place, nor the mutual enjoyment with and of another human being.
In an Equal Money System, ego will have no place as the physical reality will determine what is real, what is relevant and what requires attention. Ego is not real, therefor it is irrelevant. The ego of the individual serves nothing and no one but its own existence, while it consumes and suppresses its human-host. In an Equal Money System we will learn to value the physical and not the ego-based desires which are currently manipulated to drive consumerism. The only real value in the world is the physical reality we exist within, and that reality is willing and able to provide for us all equally. It is the human systems which have been super-imposed on top of this reality which have destroyed our physical environment (including how we treat and perceive our physical body), our oneness with it, our equality to it, and our enjoyment of it.

When one is not driven by survival, competition, power/domination or ego, one's drive for sex can be 'cleared' so to speak, wherein the consideration for the self and the partener are where importance and care are placed. Without all the mind-creadted bullshit, pressure, and the artificial realities, the sex-drive will be better understood, therefore sexual disorders and dysfunction will be understood as well. Maybe then we can stop pumping our bodies full of phsychotic and hormonal drugs, and stop slaughtering innocent and endangered animals as aphrodisiacs to increase sex-drive, maintain an erection or successfully reach climax. In an Equal Money System the abuse of life in this way will not be accepted or allowed, therefore we will instead have to take the time to figure out what it is our bodies are telling us and what they actually want and need, so that we can experience something called sex that is real.

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How Will Children Learn, Without the Teacher-Student Dichotomy?

In an Equal Money System, the education system will be an entirely different concept than it is in a profit-based system where money is valued over life. Education will no longer teach us how to “serve the system, work for the elite, lie and cheat” (BP). It will instead be an equality-based education which will teach us to take self-responsibility, consider the whole and value all Life. When the end-goal of an education is to make money to survive in the world, as it currently is, then the rules you are taught are the rules of a system of inequality, competition and survival of the fittest- the effects of which, those who are lucky enough to get an education, will usually never have to experience or consider.

In an Equal Money System, the correction of this kind of separation, negligence and apathy will be part of the curriculum as the end-goal of an equality-based education will be to produce considerate and decent human beings who care about their fellow man and the plant and animal kingdoms. This consideration, decency and care will take place within the understanding that doing and being such not only benefits oneself and the entire planet, but also future generations to come. This type of consideration, respect and understanding cannot be imparted upon individuals as knowledge and information being passed along from one being to another as within the current teacher-student dichotomy. You cannot simply be told to be empathetic, you can’t memorize respect for all life and you cannot regurgitate equality and oneness as stagnant concepts. These are concepts which require living application and understanding through self-will, self-application and self-direction over time.

In an equal education system, teacher and student will be equals, teaching and learning from each other as a living real-time education. The teacher will stand as the living example, from a starting point of equality and oneness and within self-expression, to assist and support the student within their own self-expression, to become a self-responsible being that cares. The teacher will live as an example of one that does unto others only what he would want done unto him, and who loves his neighbor as himself because he understands what it is to be a whole being within the bigger whole which he is one with and equal to.

Within all topics covered throughout one’s education, the responsibility to learn will come from self. The student will be taught self-responsibility through his own living application, and will therefore become an example to him/herself of the self-expansion and self-expression which can only come from taking complete self-responsibility, self-mastery and self-direction.

Students will not be ‘forced’ to learn within a rewards-punishment principle, nor will they be taught to compete with their peers as within our current system of the ‘survival of the fittest’. Students will learn self-support, and through self-support will understand what it means to assist and support others as self. Students will see the benefits and common sense in the advancement of the group, as a group of self-willed equals, wherein evolution is an act of direction within the principle of doing what’s best for all. The accumulative effect of this action will lead to a world of peace and security and a future of certainty and advancement, and this is the environment students will create, walk into and develop within during and throughout their education.

The teacher will not be held as superior and the judge of the student’s progress, nor will he or she be the one to determine whether or not the student has actually learned. The student will prove to him/herself whether or not he or she has become a living statement of the material through his or her actions words and deeds, consistently over time, at the same time proving him/herself to be a self-honest and trustworthy individual that cares. The student will, from the beginning of his and her education, learn how to explore self-expression within oneness and equality, so that his peers may do the same, and so that as he grows he understands how to consider himself within the context of the whole.

Friday, November 4, 2011

How can we practically go about implementing an Equal Money System?

We live in an economically bipolar world, where the majority of human beings remain isolated in poverty while a small minority experience relative comfort and security. Even though there are enough resources to provide every human being with a dignified life, the current economic system diverts these resources to the top. This creates waste, pollution, over-consumption, obesity and greed, while the bottom 80% experience starvation, malnutrition, poverty and death from preventable disease.

 Both ends of this polarity, the developed and the developing worlds, experience survival issues and self-compromise due to money, and very few people are actually benefiting in this equation. Furthermore, many people are kept just comfortable enough to keep them from speaking up, or stepping out of line for fear of losing what little they have. Many have food and shelter, but are ‘mortgage poor’ or live under crushing debt, one step away from food stamps- the modern day bread-line. The current economic system we live in is a legal system wherein the rules are such that diverting resources away from the under-privileged (who are most easily taken advantage of), causing people to starve to death en masse, is a completely legal phenomenon. Figments of legislation have been weaved in to place, one by one, creating this bipolar and asymmetrical global situation. We are stuck, and the system we live in now doesn’t have any answers, all it has anymore are false promises, conflict, deceit, debt and compromise. If you’re not rich in this world, you’re a slave to money. If you don’t have money, you have no worth.

We need a new system, and the Equal Life Foundation, brought into being by the group called Desteni, proposes the solution of a new economic system: the Equal Money System. Within an Equal Money System, value will be inseparable from Life, therefore, money will be backed by Life. Each human life will have an innate worth, and that worth will correspond exactly to the worth of a dignified life whereby all basic needs are met, so that the human can stop merely surviving and start learning how to take responsibility for him- and herself, and become proper custodians of the earth.

The implementation of an Equal Money System will not be easy, as humanity, society and all its institutions will have to go through a major transition, from competition, survival and lack, to peace of mind, security and care. The first stage of implementation will be voting by the people through legal democratic elections. The Equal Life Foundation is busy developing political parties and their platforms all over the globe. Regular people are in the process of empowering themselves through the Desteni ‘I’ Process and are going back to school, cleaning up their lives emotionally and financially, and taking responsibility for themselves in every way in order to become effective members of the current system. It is this kind of self-change at an individual level that is the very first step necessary in order to implement this system. We cannot be in this world as children, dependant and in need of being taken care of, and we needn’t demand change from a rich or powerful elite; they will not change the system that created them.

 We need to create the change we want to see, by becoming the system itself and changing the system from within. We do this by becoming the politicians, the well-educated and the rule writers, by using all the resources we have at our disposal to empower ourselves in this way, to share the process by which we achieved our success in order to empower others, and to support each other to stand up from within and as ourselves, so that we can stand up from within and as the system. Right now we have no options and no alternative, so we are taking the responsibility to create one: an Equal Money System for all that supports all life equally, and that abides by the principle of doing what’s best for all in all ways.

Once the Equal Life Parties are voted in we will begin the transition from one system to another by first introducing a Basic Income Grant phase (BIG phase). Within this phase, profits from natural resources and other major sources, such as technology, will be distributed equally, as it should have always been. All debt will be forgiven and every human being will be provided with an income guaranteeing their basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care, transportation and communication. This way people can become accustomed to experiencing themselves as dignified beings with innate worth (otherwise known as equals) and realize the value of life, which has been disregarded for too long.

Over time, we will collectively work out the necessary adjustments using existing technology, knowledge and expertise to eventually implement the Equal Money System. The process of implementation will be an entire re-education and an altogether new system of distribution so that each being can learn to not only value himself, but also to value his neighbour, as well as the plants and animals that feed him. In the process of creating and implementing this system, people will learn how to become decent, considerate human beings who take into account the rest of life and their place within it. No longer will it be acceptable to place oneself above the rest of life, because the consequences of such allowances is what we see manifested in our reality today, in terms of the greed of a few and the consequence of the suffering of many.

This Equal Money system may be a long way off from the current system we experience ourselves within, which has no regard for human life and views the plants and animals as resources to exploit in the most abusive possible ways. That is why it is necessary to begin the self-change that is required right now, to begin to re-educate oneself now by living one's actions according to the principle of what's best for all, which are actions that will accumulate an all together different reality.

Slowly this group is growing, as people realize the common sense in taking the initiative of self-change and to begin taking complete responsibility for oneself and this world. It's time to stop waiting for someone else to do it for us, and as I mentioned before: we need another option. We need to create an alternative, and that alternative is a world that considers all life within the manifestation of an economic system that actually provides for life- instead of denying life to those who can't afford it.

Oppression, isolation, separation, corruption, and abuse are not Life, they are systemic, so we need to change the system to one which reflects what Life truly is: caring, nurturing, providing, considerate, equal and one. Join the Equal Money movement by researching it, donating, checking out the blog books (, voting or actually actively participating in it. Try out the Desteni I Process ( to change your life to one where inner-stability and peace of mind will allow for the self-movement and self-mastery necessary for this kind of global change to occur sooner rather than before it's too late. Realize that we can't change the world if we can't change ourselves, and that life doesn't have to be this way.

Self-change, systemic change, Equal Money- it’s that simple, and it’s that possible.

"We must start taking individual responsibility for the collective responsibility we have for the relationships that create this world. And start to understand how we - through accumulation created this world and then correct corrective action at an individual level collecting, accumulating a result that is best for all." - Bernard Poolman

"Walk directively - breath by breath - accomplishing every task, piece by piece managing your time effectively, knowing that you will have to walk through the resistance, and that by doing it this way - you will accomplish a result you are satisfied with. And in this way - focus on self-satisfaction, that empowers you to be able to contribute to what is best for all, and through that -acquire a real benevolence and self-acceptance." - Bernard Poolman


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