Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bahrain in Our Name

     In Bahrain many oppressed people have begun to protest in their demand for equal rights and a more transparent and accountable government among other things. These protesters are being arrested, tortured and murdered by their own government on the world stage while all powerful countries stand aside and watch.
     This is not surprising to anyone, in fact, we may not even raise and eyebrow because we have heard of this type of abuse so many times before. But the difference is this is going on right now, and in our inaction we are accepting it. It is normal to us and it will continue to happen so long as we don't change.

     Why is change so scary to us? Why are we so docile? How would we feel if it were us and not them who were being tortured and murdered after having been oppressed for so long that we just couldn't take it anymore? And most importantly, how would we want the rest of the world to react?

     I have never been religious but I do agree with the principle of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. When I put myself in the shoes of the citizens of Bahrain I would want help. Not military help, not more war and more conflict, but a huge group of people who will not stand for this kind of outright abuse. This is what we are doing at desteni with the proposal of the Equal Money System. We are taking a stand using social media and proposing a system that will allow all to gain the basics for a dignified life.
     Nobody who is currently in a position of power and great wealth will ever act to change the current system because they require it to live in the lap of luxury as they do. They do not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, and they keep that security by supporting a system that benefits them in this way at the expense of others. This is why mainstream media will never be the voice that changes the world, it has to come from us. This is not a choice, it is a responsibility we have to bear in the name of life, in our name.
     Where will we find the strength, the energy and the compassion to dedicate ourselves to such a venture? Visit the Desteni forums to see how people are changing themselves to be the directive principle in their own lives, to see how they are moving themselves to not only speak, but to act on their principles (www.desteni.co.za). The process being discussed investigates the questions of why we fear change, why we are so docile, and how we can separate ourselves so much from other beings that we do not even care enough to know what's going on in the world.
     In a way we can be seen as de-sensitized and brainwashed, having been raised without the proper tools to support ourselves as decent human beings. Instead we are directed by greed and lust, or fear and depression. It is time to learn the tools that will free us all to direct ourselves to a place where we can clearly state: till here no further.
     As we stand here accepting this abuse to take place we blame the elite, however we neglect to realize that we too are the elite. We live in their shadows and reflect their behaviour and live comfortably off the scraps they throw us to keep us content. We are growing fat and medicated, we are slowly losing our rights and every day it becomes a little more difficult to survive. But instead of stopping we continue to hope, to drink away our problems and to work like slaves to pay our way. In our belief that 'at least we have it better than most in the world' we live in the constant fear of having it all taken away and becoming like 'them.' We do not realize that we are them already, not in situation, but in fact. We ARE them, and they are us, because we are all one. That is why both oneness and equality are required, and the only way we can achieve that is to guarantee each and every human being's basic needs are met, with the opportunity to work for the luxuries in life. This will be the reality in the Equal Money System, a reality that IS possible.
     In Bahrain horrible abuse is going on in our names. Do we stand here, powerless and depressed in our own lives, or do we find how much of a force we can become by taking in to consideration the commonsense of taking care of all life as we would like to be cared for?
     The answer is obvious. Do unto others because others are in fact you. Lets start to take care of ourselves in this world like we should have always done. An Equal Money System will end this repeating cycle of madness once and for all.

Profiting off of Food While Millions Starve, just because we can.

     In order to understand the necessity for humanity to start opening themselves up to the proposal of an Equal Money System (EMS) and to start actually taking steps towards an economic change at a global level, we must first understand some of the intricacies and consequences of the current economic system. This system has been molded and manipulated for generations by an increasingly powerful and an increasingly small group of human enterprises and corporations.

     To illustrate this point I'm using the example of the global food market. This market began at a local level where farmers would sell what they grew at a market price which was based on the system of supply and demand. More recently, this activity has reached a global scale with profits in the billions.

     What happens is countries produce crops of, for example, rice, soy or cotton, and sell them in the global food market. As food is a basic requirement for human survival, it has gained much interest from the very wealthy in the word as a source for profit.

How does it work?

     The global food market functions with its own language and set of complex rules and regulations understood for the most part only by experts and speculators. Speculators make educated guesses or predictions based on their unique understanding of this system, thus influencing buying and selling behavior. Corporations will buy up billions of dollars of these life sustaining resources based on these predictions, and they will hoard them until the price goes up and they can then sell them at a greater profit. These human actions are the major contributors to the movement of money and the fluctuation of prices within the global food market (more so than weather, global warming, drought, pests etc...).

     These fluctuations within the food market can cause the prices of food to double and even triple. This can cause the cost of our groceries to go up (as it is the price of very basic foods which are a small portion of our diets), but it also causes tens of millions of people to be added to the list of starving people globally (whose diets consist mainly of these items). In 2008, one fluctuation added 75 million people to that list.

     The problem within all this is that it is nothing but a game for the the very wealthy people who believe the stakes are only financial. They do not take a step back to see, or use common sense to realize that in the end those stakes translate in to human lives, including the lives of innocent children who were born into poverty and who never even had a chance at life in this system of money played like a lottery for the rich. The global food market is played very much like a lottery based on odds, where people with money can take as much risk as they can afford, and when they win, they win big. However, nowhere in this game of manufactured luck are there any rules with respect to the loss of life involved. While corporations are hoarding food, people are starving, and people are dying. The lives of the world's most vulnerable people are but collateral damage in the quest for profit, and the most messed up thing about this is that it's all viewed as normal and acceptable.

     What I am saying is that THIS IS NOT NORMAL AND THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!! And I think many people would agree with me, if they knew it was going on.
These wealthy people who play the food market are drunk on making profit and their sensibility and common sense are distorted because of it, There is no accountability and no responsibility being taken and it needs to stop now. But this behavior is not unique to giant corporations and very wealthy people, its being acted out by all of us. We're all 'drunk' on consumerism which is based in greed, and we're consumed by it and we too disregard the rest of the world as we over eat and over consume and live out our lives like mindless robots wanting more products, more experiences more savings, bigger things, better things, always looking at those who have more than us and never really thinking about those who are sacrificed so that we can live the way we do, whether they be the have-nots, the slave labourers, the animals, or the natural world.

     I am a member of a group called Desteni. We are proposing an alternative economic system called the Equal Money System, which will entail all of us taking responsibility by changing the rules of the game from purely profiting, to rules which involve looking at the consequences of our actions. Such as: how can we be so detached from one another that we can allow such abuse to take place in this world? How can we be so blind to what we're doing? How is our human nature being manipulated by consumerism, by the fear of survival, by competition? How have we manipulated ourselves to believe we are not responsible and there's nothing we can do?

More Specifically:
      We have the basics of this system worked out wherein the value of money is not backed by gold or by debt, but by life, inseparable from life. Herein, human beings will not be allowed to be in a situation of power where they can dangle the daily bread of the poor just out of reach, as they do in the global food market; where as the price of that bread sky-rockets because of the absolute desperation of the people, people die, and people profit. There will be no poor, only equality and equal opportunity, so for those who want to live simply and work very little, that is their choice, and those who want a life of possessions and entertainment - they will have to work for it, as many of us already experience. It is the already wealthy in our current reality who will experience the biggest change, because unlike this profit-based capitalist system we live in, the Equal Money system will not allow some to profit off the labor of others.

     We as the masses who agree that this current system is unacceptable need to do so in an organized, unified and visible way. We at Desteni have created an outlet for this to be expressed and lived into reality by preparing to enter into politics where the rules are written, so that we can work within the legal boundaries which already exist by presenting a platform based on economic change and a system proposal that abides by the principle of what's best for all.

Taking responsibility and waking up to the abuse that's going on due to the current economic system we all participate in is every human being's job. You can do your part by finding out what the Equal Money System is all about by searching Youtube, Networked blogs, facebook, Netlog, Twitter, Branchout, or any other social media outlet. You can participate on the forums at www.Desteni.co.za, or visit the Equal Money site at www.equalmoney.org. We have an Equal Life non-profit set up and we are doing research into the abuse taking place in the world so that we are not ignorant to the workings of reality, such as the millions of deaths due to the gambling that takes place in the global food market. This is but one of literally countless examples of the absolute disregard for life and suffering in the world, and of the hopeless future we're leaving to the earth's children.

    For further insight into the global food market I recommend the short documentary called "Dying in Abundance" on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsvqbNRq3Zk). If you agree that this is not acceptable, use your voice and say so. Support the Equal Life Party with your vote, speak for those who have no voice. Be a part of the group that is ready to do something real about the dire state of the world.

By 2012 there will be Equal Money books available, describing how the Equal Money System will work, and how it is the first feasible solution that has ever been proposed in all of time by all of humanity. Walk this solution with us,

     One man- one vote - on all issues that affect the whole, because we are one whole, and we all have the right to live with dignity respect, within ourselves and towards others.

Here are some links for further perspective, a good place to get started:

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is Equal Money Communism?

What is Equal Money? Is it communism? Is it socialism? Anarchy? Liberalism? It’s hard to distinguish what Equal Money is, or what the Equal Money system entails because it doesn’t yet exist. What does exist is people’s perceptions of this system. Perceptions which rely on their past experiences, and their current knowledge of what exists in the world already, based on what they have learned, which is based in the past. When you take that past and lay it out before you as a frame of reference within which to base decisions, of course you’ll be doomed to failure and a repetition of past mistakes. What we have learned is based on the history of what’s been here and what’s already happened, while the equal money system is a proposal of a kind that has never before been conceived. There is no pre-set framework to guide us, we’re going into a no-comfort zone where we CAN’T predict how all the details will play out in reality exactly, not at this early stage. All we can to is choose a principle to guide us and keep us in line. In choosing to study the desteni material one learns that the optimal principle to abide by s one that considers all life, this is the principle of equality, which entails doing what’s best for all.
So, with regards to the Equal Money system, If you want to start imagining outcomes in your own mind then you have all the powers of a god and creator to amplify your doubts and magnify your skepticism and biases. However, when you do this, all you are doing is putting up walls and barriers, preventing change, preventing alternative thinking, creativity and human ingenuity while preserving the status quo. The status quo, meaning, our current reality: the one where over a billion of us are starving, where children are living in garbage dumps with no shoes, picking through the rot for something to sell or eat. Where the animals that feed us are being treated dirt in factory farms, and the one where nobody is to blame yet we all are responsible. The continuation of this reality must be immediately stopped, and a new system must be implemented In its place, and that is why we propose the Equal Money System.

The Equal Money System may be similar in certain respects to socialist and communist ideals, ideals which have never actually been realized in reality, but at the same time, it’s not really comparable to these systems because they never came from a starting point of equality, real actual equality. But if you have any pre-conceived ideas towards systems like communism, socialism or liberalism, it’s easy to pick out the similarities or differences between these systems and the equal money system to back your opinion, whether it be for or against. But the Equal Money system really has no frame of reference in our history, it is a system that proposes we act according to our principles, that we align those principles to ones we can all agree on, such as: doing what's best for all, including you, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, love thy neighboor etc... Everybody knows this stuff and is familiar with these principles, but has anyone ever had the discipline and will power to abide by them in their every action? This is what is required in this lifetime, and this has never been attempted before.

The Equal Money System entails providing every human being with an inherent value upon birth. This value includes all the basic necessities to live a dignified life: food/water, shelter, medical attantion when needed, an education, and transportation. This value is not able to accumulate, it is not able to be taken or given away, it is not able to carry over after death. It is the inate value of life that will be provided to each life equally so that non may starve due to the profitting of others.

Parallel to this system of provision of basic necessities is a system for luxuries; a labour system. This parallel system will also abide by the principle of 'what's best for all' by ensuring that every part of the labour, from resources to by-products to waste, is dealt with in the most effective and least harmful way possible. Because there will be no influence of profits, there will be no competitioon. All research will focus on the creation of a superior product, not a cost-efficient product. Products will therefor be built to last, not to self-destruct after a short time, forcing the consumer to purchase more frequently, and not a product that is cheap because it was built by people who are so desperate they will work for less than two dollars a day.

Most products as we know them now are devestating to people, animals and the environment at every stage of their development. From harmful and unsustainable extraction of resources, to chemically enhanced processing of materials which pollute, as well as cheap labour, i.e. slave labour, and unhealthy working environments. The effects of these practices accumulate on our earth over time (as the wealth also accumulates to those who have ownership and away from the masses). Our environment is being destroyed, our people are stressed, depressed, diseased and dying, our children have no future, and all we have to show for it are things like Walmart and MacDonald's, the IPad, cheap clothes and products made from synthetic materials, etc etc etc.... basically, what we have is consumerism, and valuing profit and products over life itself.

The Equal Money System will guarenteewritng and math etc... but in a supportive environment free of competition and comparison. Within their higher education they may chose to learn specialized labour and to further themselves in whatever way they chose so that they can be contributing members of society. For their efforts they will earn an income while they study. The income is hourly based on the worth of one hour of human labour. This implies that one hour of human labour has one value, no matter what the job that human happens to be doing. For those who chose not to pursue a higher education, they will perform a mandatory 4 years of conscription labour. For 4 years they will do all the jobs that keep society running, and they will be paid for their time. After this they may do as they wish, working or not- however, if they chose not to work, they will not be able to have any luxuries -which some may be fine with- but others will want to afford entertainment and toys etc... so they will have to work for them, just like the majority of us do today. Currently, only the elite in the world get to educate themselves with an education that the system deems adequate for a comfortable income, while most people can only dream of having access to a quality education. Low-income and middle-class America, who are the majority in that country, cannot afford a proper education, the price keeps going up yet the quality at most institutions keeps going down. And students are left with so much debt that they must work for years to pay it off. Many still are still working on it well into their thirties. We have to work every day to pay our next bills and buy our next meal. So compared to this, 4 years of conscription labour, with all our basics covered- really isn't that bad. Plus, the work  we do will be contributing to society in a way that is best for all, including animals and the environment .

Back to where we are now-
 The implementation of this system involves a group effort, and in order for it to be successful, the effort within that group has to focus on the question “how can we make this work so that everybody is considered and everybody is clothed, housed, and fed.” because That is our first and foremost priority. Another question we have to contend with is the question of human nature. So instead of asking “will humankind be able to support a system that’s based in equality?” We ask, “How will we go about implementing a system based on equality within a group that has only ever known inequality, hierarchy, and stratification?” Not “is it possible”, but rather “how will we make it possible?”

Many people are unable to ask these questions because they believe this is just a repetition of communism, an idealistic socialist dream or too Utopian to conceive of.
The reason why the group called Desteni is asking these questions rather than engaging in full out debates and arguments about how this idea is not going to work, or how this system is similar to systems which have already failed, or how it’s doomed to failure, is because such debate is pointless and will get us nowhere. What we do is explain this system so that each may understand how it can work, how it is possible, why it is necessary and what steps need to be taken to get it moving (i.e. the creation of political parties, political platforms, the education of people about how this system will function, the understanding of the devestating effects of our current system and how this will change and why, etc..)
It doesn’t matter if the system we are proposing is similar to or different from communism, or if it contains elements of socialism or liberalism, or if it reminds some people of anarchy; what matters is that we understand why these systems failed, so that we do not repeat those same mistakes (I provide links and another article on this topic at the end of this blog).
This is the difference between a constructive discussion that aims to in every way take steps and make progress towards a goal, and a discussion that goes around in circles prophesying failure and non-action.
Desteni, as a global group, have come to the harsh realization that no one is coming to save us, and that the powers that be in this world, are not going to take the initiative either. So it is up to us, the common man and woman, to make this change. We need each person to just stop, and realize, one by one, what is really important in the world. That when people are dying, when children are being sold into prostitution, when animals are being horribly abused for profit, when our environment is depleting, it’s not about sex and money, beauty, clothes or sports, fashion or the latest technological gadgets; it’s about life, it’s about ending the atrocities we’ve caused in this world, and focusing our human potential on change and betterment. We need to realize this one person at a time, 1 + 1+ 1+ 1, until the willingness for change is here, because only then will change happen.
This realization is every individual’s responsibility, not just ours. We are simply taking the initiative to prove it is possible to narrow in on a goal in your life, to step up and work as a unified group towards a change. We are merely a living example that this is possible, waiting for everybody to come to the same realization of responsibility, despite your comfortable life, despite your doubts and fears, we ask that you change your focus from yourself and start thinking about others in the world who need your help.
Yes, my fellow man: I am asking you to step up. I don’t want your money, I don’t want your sympathy, I want you to realize your responsibility, the sooner the better, before it’s too late.
My point here is simple: don't pre-judge this proposal as anything that may already exist in your mind, because doing so is scripting failure. This is something that has never before been proposed, so keep an open mind, and if you're interested in finding out more, take the responsibility to do the research.
To find out about the EMS and how it is possible, check out equalmoney.org. To talk to people who’ve already decided to go for it, visit Desteni.co.za

You can start by checking out these links which will explain a bit more about this system, specifically illustrating the difference between the Equal Money System and communism:

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Also, read this from Manueal J, a member of Desteni:

When people react to the word "equality" by likening it to communism, they are demonstrating an energetic charge that the word has been imprinted with through historical developments. Aspects of equality were part of the theoretical Marxist idea but Marx never gave practical pointers to implement the idea on realistic terms, hence it remained a theory and nothing more. There are some similarities between an Equal Money system and some of the Marxian ideas. For example, a classless system and equal living condition for all are such shared ideas. Mostly the differences between theoretical Marxian ideas and an Equal Money System (EMS) are in having a living system through practical implementation of the principle of equality rather than a theoretical approach.

As already mentioned, the implemented idea of communism had nothing to do with the theoretical Marxian concepts. The discrepancy between the political ideology of Marxist communism, and the countries that were governed from the so-called premise of communism was and is that in reality these regimes were an extension of capitalism. Those regimes, of which China is still an example, were brought to power through money and war, and the exerted the same type of control upon its citizens as in capitalistic societies. China today is a glorified capitalistic system where dictatorship controls the country and caters to a White Elite with money. Products for consumption are produced by Chinese workers who are exploited for cheap labour. The consumer products are then marketed in the US and Europe where they are bought without recourse to the conditions under which these products were produced. The main factor here is the buying power of a Western and Christian world.

Moreover, the Capitalistic systems, such as the US, have used the idea of Communism as a form of propaganda to promote Capitalism as a system of freedom and choice in comparison to communism as a system of enslavement. Therefore, the word "equality" also triggers fears within people, fears that are pertaining to the loss of individualism. Yet, people who react in fear, or even consider ‘world equality’ as utopia, will falsely believe that they are free in a system where freedom is equated with granted purchasing power maintained through self-interest and greed.

In an EMS the main force is equality as applied and implemented principle - in short, as lived experience. Communism is a political ideology that works under the current monetary system. Equal Money is a new monetary system that works on the principle of equality.To ensure that there are no decisions being made from the standpoint of energetic, pre-programmed reactions, a mathematical principle is applied to create, at all times, what is best for all under all conditions. Equality as it is lived in an EMS, is without precedence and has no historical references because it is foremost a new monetary system that is open, meaning its sphere of influence stretches past nations and society over the entire world. An EMS, as an open system, has the starting point that everyone and every living creature is included. In that it is also differentiated from Communism and Socialism because in an EMS abuse cannot and will not exist.

In Communist regimes of the past and the present, what people shared equally was a poverty point while leaders were functioning from a point of power and ego - thus creating the same hierarchical structures as in a Capitalistic system and dependencies of people on the system. In addition, Communist regimes were engulfed in fighting Capitalism and those who were in opposition of the regime - hence abusing money and resources for the purpose of warfare.

In EMS there are no reasons for the squandering of resources or the need to uphold ideologies because the premise of functioning is that everyone is equal and only what is best for all is implemented - thus poverty and warfare is a thing of the past.

Members of Desteni stand for and work towards the worldwide implementation of an EMS. They are committed to facing and solving the problems that are here in the world. Destonians will achieve this through the basic steps of education and an effective income plan. Education is one of the basic approaches to re-create ourselves, all humans, from a starting point where we understand what it means to live in this world, to live with oneself and to live as an equal to all that is here. This starting point is unlike what we are currently living where we are steeped in self-interest, power, greed and ego. This education and the change we must become is a prerequisite for us to understand equality as lived principle through a correction of ourselves, as daily activity where we change ourselves on an individual level. Again, this shows that Destonians have no interest in acquiring power or imposing their views on others. By contrast, in communism regimes were imposing their agenda upon its citizens. In an EMS, education is necessary to understand and become the lived experience of being able to take everyone into consideration through our participation, through the work we perform and through mutual support of each other.