Friday, November 4, 2011

How can we practically go about implementing an Equal Money System?

We live in an economically bipolar world, where the majority of human beings remain isolated in poverty while a small minority experience relative comfort and security. Even though there are enough resources to provide every human being with a dignified life, the current economic system diverts these resources to the top. This creates waste, pollution, over-consumption, obesity and greed, while the bottom 80% experience starvation, malnutrition, poverty and death from preventable disease.

 Both ends of this polarity, the developed and the developing worlds, experience survival issues and self-compromise due to money, and very few people are actually benefiting in this equation. Furthermore, many people are kept just comfortable enough to keep them from speaking up, or stepping out of line for fear of losing what little they have. Many have food and shelter, but are ‘mortgage poor’ or live under crushing debt, one step away from food stamps- the modern day bread-line. The current economic system we live in is a legal system wherein the rules are such that diverting resources away from the under-privileged (who are most easily taken advantage of), causing people to starve to death en masse, is a completely legal phenomenon. Figments of legislation have been weaved in to place, one by one, creating this bipolar and asymmetrical global situation. We are stuck, and the system we live in now doesn’t have any answers, all it has anymore are false promises, conflict, deceit, debt and compromise. If you’re not rich in this world, you’re a slave to money. If you don’t have money, you have no worth.

We need a new system, and the Equal Life Foundation, brought into being by the group called Desteni, proposes the solution of a new economic system: the Equal Money System. Within an Equal Money System, value will be inseparable from Life, therefore, money will be backed by Life. Each human life will have an innate worth, and that worth will correspond exactly to the worth of a dignified life whereby all basic needs are met, so that the human can stop merely surviving and start learning how to take responsibility for him- and herself, and become proper custodians of the earth.

The implementation of an Equal Money System will not be easy, as humanity, society and all its institutions will have to go through a major transition, from competition, survival and lack, to peace of mind, security and care. The first stage of implementation will be voting by the people through legal democratic elections. The Equal Life Foundation is busy developing political parties and their platforms all over the globe. Regular people are in the process of empowering themselves through the Desteni ‘I’ Process and are going back to school, cleaning up their lives emotionally and financially, and taking responsibility for themselves in every way in order to become effective members of the current system. It is this kind of self-change at an individual level that is the very first step necessary in order to implement this system. We cannot be in this world as children, dependant and in need of being taken care of, and we needn’t demand change from a rich or powerful elite; they will not change the system that created them.

 We need to create the change we want to see, by becoming the system itself and changing the system from within. We do this by becoming the politicians, the well-educated and the rule writers, by using all the resources we have at our disposal to empower ourselves in this way, to share the process by which we achieved our success in order to empower others, and to support each other to stand up from within and as ourselves, so that we can stand up from within and as the system. Right now we have no options and no alternative, so we are taking the responsibility to create one: an Equal Money System for all that supports all life equally, and that abides by the principle of doing what’s best for all in all ways.

Once the Equal Life Parties are voted in we will begin the transition from one system to another by first introducing a Basic Income Grant phase (BIG phase). Within this phase, profits from natural resources and other major sources, such as technology, will be distributed equally, as it should have always been. All debt will be forgiven and every human being will be provided with an income guaranteeing their basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care, transportation and communication. This way people can become accustomed to experiencing themselves as dignified beings with innate worth (otherwise known as equals) and realize the value of life, which has been disregarded for too long.

Over time, we will collectively work out the necessary adjustments using existing technology, knowledge and expertise to eventually implement the Equal Money System. The process of implementation will be an entire re-education and an altogether new system of distribution so that each being can learn to not only value himself, but also to value his neighbour, as well as the plants and animals that feed him. In the process of creating and implementing this system, people will learn how to become decent, considerate human beings who take into account the rest of life and their place within it. No longer will it be acceptable to place oneself above the rest of life, because the consequences of such allowances is what we see manifested in our reality today, in terms of the greed of a few and the consequence of the suffering of many.

This Equal Money system may be a long way off from the current system we experience ourselves within, which has no regard for human life and views the plants and animals as resources to exploit in the most abusive possible ways. That is why it is necessary to begin the self-change that is required right now, to begin to re-educate oneself now by living one's actions according to the principle of what's best for all, which are actions that will accumulate an all together different reality.

Slowly this group is growing, as people realize the common sense in taking the initiative of self-change and to begin taking complete responsibility for oneself and this world. It's time to stop waiting for someone else to do it for us, and as I mentioned before: we need another option. We need to create an alternative, and that alternative is a world that considers all life within the manifestation of an economic system that actually provides for life- instead of denying life to those who can't afford it.

Oppression, isolation, separation, corruption, and abuse are not Life, they are systemic, so we need to change the system to one which reflects what Life truly is: caring, nurturing, providing, considerate, equal and one. Join the Equal Money movement by researching it, donating, checking out the blog books (, voting or actually actively participating in it. Try out the Desteni I Process ( to change your life to one where inner-stability and peace of mind will allow for the self-movement and self-mastery necessary for this kind of global change to occur sooner rather than before it's too late. Realize that we can't change the world if we can't change ourselves, and that life doesn't have to be this way.

Self-change, systemic change, Equal Money- it’s that simple, and it’s that possible.

"We must start taking individual responsibility for the collective responsibility we have for the relationships that create this world. And start to understand how we - through accumulation created this world and then correct corrective action at an individual level collecting, accumulating a result that is best for all." - Bernard Poolman

"Walk directively - breath by breath - accomplishing every task, piece by piece managing your time effectively, knowing that you will have to walk through the resistance, and that by doing it this way - you will accomplish a result you are satisfied with. And in this way - focus on self-satisfaction, that empowers you to be able to contribute to what is best for all, and through that -acquire a real benevolence and self-acceptance." - Bernard Poolman


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