Sunday, December 18, 2011

Elephant Slaughter for Ivory Will be Banned in an Equal Money System


          Even though the procurement of ivory has been banned in many countries, the sale of ivory still persists. ‘Legal’ ivory, otherwise known as ‘pre-ban’ ivory is that which was ‘harvested’ before the banning of ivory, and is still circulating in the market. The problem is that there is insufficient world-wide legislation to actually stop the barbaric slaughter of elephants for their tusks. So long as there is a lucrative market for the product, the killing will continue. Pre-ban ivory maintains the demand for ivory, and consequently promotes the acceptance and allowance of the killing of elephants to the point where some species have become compromised.

                Ivory has no real value to human beings, the only value that exists is the ideas we’ve made up about the ivory, and ironically, because of the ideas we’ve placed on the animal that grows it. However, in purchasing and valuing ivory we are in fact supporting the slaughtering of elephants. If we are able to stop participating in the ideas we’ve created for ourselves about animal products, then we will see that they are completely unnecessary, as we have made synthetic versions of everything we could possibly need. 

                In an Equal Money System (EMS) the slaughtering of any life-form for reasons that aren’t completely necessary will absolutely cease to continue. Products that cause harm at any stage in their production and/or procurement process will either cease to exist, or alternative ways to obtain them will be researched and utilized instead. 

                Due to the fact that there will be no ‘bottom-line’ in an EMS, pollution will be cut to the bare minimum. Synthetic products will be produced in such a way that is harmless to the environment, and alternatives will be found where this is not possible. In an EMS, the focus of human ingenuity will center on quality of life and within that, the balance of the earth will be restored. Human waste will not exceed the earth’s capacity to filter it, because research and innovation will not cease until that point is reached and maintained.

                In an EMS, all life will be honoured and not slaughtered for profit, because it is commonsense. This is not some kind of an altruistic oath, it is in our best interest as human beings to maintain and care for the plant and animal kingdoms that we depend on to survive. It is time to realize that we are equal to the physical substance of the earth, and when we start to place bizarre values on to things like elephant ivory, or certain minerals, or even different animals or people, things start getting really crazy and insane, and we end up with the kind of world we see today.

                It is time for us to stop behaving like mindless zombie robots that can’t see past our own personal experiences and start taking responsibility for the mess we’re in, because that mess is getting very, very big. The brutal slaughter of innocent elephants is insane, yet our current system not only justifies it, but greatly rewards it. And everybody who buys ivory is responsible for this, and everybody who supports the system that rewards the procurement of ivory is responsible, and everybody who pays to survive supports this system, so we are all responsible. We are responsible to come up with and implement a new system. This is already happening so hop on the bandwagon that’s rolling towards the kind of sanity that we all know exists, but that we just haven’t experienced  yet. Equal Money- the common-sense solution we can live with.

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