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What if Religion is Wrong???

I recently watched Bill Maher's movie religulous and one of aspect of the film really struck me. It was the fact that when some of the christians interviewed were getting to a point of considering that reality and the christian message weren't exactly aligned, and that there are more questions then answers when it comes to the bible and the church, they seemed to become overcome with fear and say the same thing: what if you're WRONG Bill Maher?

I personally have not accepted jesus as my saviour, so what if I'm wrong too? I guess if I'm wrong then I'm going to hell. If I am wrong, one person suffers, me.

Now what if they're wrong? If Christians are wrong, what are the implications?

The first thing I can think of are the millions of people who have decided to become christian (which are millions of people who believe in christ's message of 'do unto others as you would have done unto you,' and 'love thy neighbour as thyself' etc...) have in fact become millions of people who could have mobilized do do something real in this world, but have instead spent their time in church, giving their money away, praying, converting others, hoping, waiting (for 2011 years and counting).

'What if they're wrong' is a question they feel is fair to ask and so I feel is fair to reverse, if they're wrong then they become millions of idle people who are preoccupied with saving themselves from going to hell and not doing anything to bring about some kind of solution that will help all people in all ways.

If they're wrong then they've spend thousands of years not thinking about the consequences of their actions because they've been banking on a saviour arriving to fix all the damage that has been done.

If they're wrong, then all the abuse and suffering in the world (starvation, rape, child trafficking, molestation, murder, mass human rights violations, genocides, holocausts, mass animal abuses, all forms of environmental devastation which is a list to vast to place here, wars, racism, sexism, homophobia, hate crimes, sweat shops, slavery, poverty.... you get the point) would NOT part of god's great plan and mysterious ways, but would now have to be considered as a list of problems that need to be addressed and faced and sorted out, as there would no longer be any excuse to not do anything about it.

If they are wrong then they are millions people who are giving money to the church, which has historically been a rich and influential corporation living amongst and thriving off the poor, and which, if they are wrong, will have been taking advantage of their fear of going to hell, for money.

If they're wrong then countless people have suffered and died for nothing in the name of christianity, and if all religions are wrong, then that number rises exponentially as the justifications of many wars, including the some going on right now, would be lost.

If religions are wrong then they've divided and stratified man, and pitted us against one another based on false beliefs, causing death, destruction, discrimination etc... all in the name of religion.

If I am wrong in not being religious, then I may be going to hell. But what I'm observing in reality at the moment, is that many people are already living in the conditions of hell.

If religions are right, then god is one fucked up motherfucker. The abuse that goes on in this world is so horrific, I don't know how anyone can associate it with any entity that might give a damn about good and bad, right and wrong, moral or imoral. The only thing that explains this problem is if I give people the benefit of the doubt by assuming they are not paying attention to reality, which is not hard to do: society is designed to distract us from the truth that is why it is so easy to ignore the reality of our situation, there is an infinite amount of ways to be distracted from it:

Television (i.e. American idol)



other drugs



the news

facebook -lol




surviving in the world

conspiracy theories









I am not religious, but I am a destonian. In being destonian I am stopping all beliefs, including religious and or spiritual, and have begun to focus on what is going on in the here and now. I am concentrating on what I can do to stop it as individual and as a part of a growing group with a unified voice:

In being destonians we have taken back our responsibility to the world, to the humans living in a situation where they have no voice, to humanity as a whole, to animals and to the environment. We take the stance that we do not accept nor allow this situation to continue. "Till here no further."

How are we doing this?

As a group: We support the equal money system, which proposes the long term, sustainable solution of changing the economic system from capitalistic profit-based to one which values all life. Humans, as the custodians of the earth, will be provided with enough money to survive, allowing us to focus on taking responsibility for what we've caused in the world.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, go to the web site, read the material, watch the videos and ask questions on the forum. Everything is in the open to be discussed as equals.

Visit and ask all your question and express all your doubts, do so with an open mind and without judgment, because close mindedness and judging others is not accepted by destonians. Attacks and judgments are different from questions and uncertainties, not understanding is acceptable, ask questions!

As individuals:

We support equalmoney by talking about it: how it can happen, how it will change the world, how it will end many many abuses caused by capitalism, greed and lust for power and money in a world where money is required to survive.

(here's an example of a real live conversation: , notice all the other video suggestions on the same topic)

We spread information about it through social media to expose to as many people as possible to this proposed alternative to what we have now. It takes time to get used to a new idea.

We post stories that reveal our current reality, pointing out how most atrocities can be traced back to humanities quest for money.

To see exactly what I mean by these last two statements, visit my facebook profile.

For further in-depth details about this proposal, sign up to be notified about the equalmoney book which will be available soon: -inform yourself, invetigate, take the initiative to look into what you are not satisfied with and see what options are out there. It does require your time and initiative to find out where you stand and what you can do.

You can visit to see the actual conversations that took place in the formulation of the details of this newly proposed system. You may ask questions on the forum and read the vast amount of resources available on the site.

As a group:

We are developing a political party to facilitate change using the current democratic system and politics. The platform of the equal life party will be to do what's best for all life in all ways. If you take away the profit-based system we live in, this proposal become not only possible, but easy to conceive.

The development of this party is in its infancy, but it IS happening. More info will soon be available at:, but for now, we are getting the idea out so that people can become accustomed to a radical solution. Inform yourself by going to youtube and typing 'equal life' or 'equal money,' you will be flooded with people who have taken the time to make videos in support of this idea. Generally they point out the common sense and practicality of it, they talk about what changes can be expected, about how it can happen etc....

Here's an example of a video where viktor explains how the equal life foundation will differ from other parties:

As individuals:

We talk on forums about what the political platforms requires and hot-topic issues that will need to be discussed.

We use all resources available in our individual lives to stabilize ourselves financially and become the most effective human beings we can be.

Many, including myself, have gone back to school.

Getting a stable job, cleaning up our acts, regaining emotional stability, learning how to exercise our own will power, rid ourselves of the fear that stops us from being heard, taking responsibility for our own lives, because that is what we expect from everybody.

But we can't demand it from anyone until we achieve it within ourselves first.

How are we doing this? is a website where life coaching is available to assist with these things. All the resources are available for free on-line, and then there is a course to streamline your process.

I suggest going to the site and spending time getting to understand the process and applying it to your own life to prove to yourself first that it works. That's what I did and I will soon be signing up for the life coaching resource. You can read all about it:

Ever since I began using the desteni "tools" my life has changed dramatically to the point where I too am standing up so that I can be a voice in the world.

If you want to see for yourself the hundreds of people changing themselves from within and taking control of their lives, go to youtube and type in either:




equality and oneness




You will see people talking in a way that you will not be used to. When one speaks in honesty, it shows.

Or go to networked blogs and search : desteni, process, equalmoney. You will see how people are sorting themselves out and effectively changing human nature one person at a time.

You can visit my blog to see how I personally am changing who I am by digging down to the root causes of my limitations and neurosis and figuring out how to re-program myself to stability and equality from within:

So, back to my original question, now asked to destonians: what if we're wrong?

Desteni is saying reality is a mess and only we can stop it.

If desteni is wrong then we can continue doing nothing because if desteni is wrong then we are not in fact responsible or required to change (because a saviour is going to do that for us).

Conversely, if desteni is wrong, a huge group of people have taken it upon themselves to take steps to stop the suffering and abuse in the world, to take responsibility for it and change it in a way where all will benefit (gotta do something to kill time while we wiat for jesus or any other saviour, or till we die and go to heaven).

If destei is wrong, then there is a huge group of people who have taken an honest look at themselves, decided where they stand in the world, what they stand for and what they're going to do about it.

So even if desteni is wrong, the world will benefit from it's presence and message.

I don't know if there will ever be a second coming, but I'm not going to sit and wait for it.

I don't want to waste my time focusing on getting only myself to a nirvana through hours of meditation based on an afterlife and on a god that may not exist.This is self-interested behaviour in the hopes that I and I alone get to reap the fruits of my labour and does nothing to change the way things are in the here and now -the actual physical reality in which I exist.

I don't want to send positive vibes out to the universe in hopes that some form of magic exists.

I don't want to exert my so-called power of l.o.a to benefit myself and appease my desires in a finite world where it would involve taking from others.

I don't want to spend my days waiting for the weekend so I can get drunk with my friends and forget about the rest of existence.

I don't want to have to go shopping and buy things that will make me look pretty and wear makeup on my face because I don't feel good enough for society's standards.

I don't want to live according to addictions and desires while ignoring the concept of living by principle.

Look at my facebook page, check out my posts, see how it is possible to have an online persona that supports all life and does not abuse.

Check out my blog and see how I am changing my real life abusive ways, and re-programming my human nature to that of equality.

We have this one life, one body, one mind, don't waste it, take the initiative, do research, change your focus, help change the world.

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