Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Fracturing Systems

Everything is beginning to fracture, real (nature, the animals, the human) and imagined (the economy). The fucked up thing is that the imagined one is the cause for the destruction of the real one. Why is the economy not real? Because it is an idea and a belief. One which we made real by participating in it, which manifested physical institutions and physical dollars which changed our behaviour (controls our behaviour?) It stratifies us into a hierarchy of rich and poor. Very similar to religion- it's a belief which manifests churches and bibles, a hierarchy and the division between 'good' and 'bad' people (wherein the 'good' have god's favour- god bless america, where the money's at). The great thing about something that's not actually real (the initial idea/belief) is that you can stop believing in it, just like that. If you were once a christian but decided to no longer believe -as many people who were raised in that environment do once they become older and realize they have a choice- you just stop participating in it. Your bible looses the value you once placed on it, and the church looses a worshiper. We were raised in the economic system as it now functions, so we don't know any better because we have not been exposed to alternatives, very similar to a religious upbringing, however, here's where the two part: leaving the church is a choice, changing the economic system is not. It's continuation will destroy us. The bible looses value without our belief in it, and becomes obsolete. Money, on the other hand, can have whatever value we decide to give it, as it is not a message or teaching, it is paper. A blank page with the potential to be the most effective tool of equal distribution of resources we've ever known. Free yourself from a dead religion that binds you through lies, choose equal money -the only real alternative.

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