Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why am I blogging?

No Voice
I am writing this blog to be a voice for the people and things in this world which currently have none. The fact that I have access to the internet is an indicator that I am of the elite in this world, meaning I have a voice, and in that, I have a responsibility. I have a voice because I have money to survive and participate in society in a way that supports me in my daily existence, but there are too many who starve, who suffer and who are abused due to the gap in wealth which continues to grow. There are too many things that I see that I can no longer accept and allow myself to live with without taking a stand and speaking up about. It’s time to reveal the system we live in for what it really is, read on to find out how:
I have joined a group called Desteni by standing up through being a visible supporter of global equality and the Equal Money System. In doing this I state the principles by which I am currently training myself to live, which is to act only in ways which take all life in to consideration by doing what’s best for all. In this I hold true the fact that nothing is equal unless all are equal (
                The Equal Money System is a proposed solution and alternative to our current economic system. It is a practical common sense solution which will utilize political and democratic means for its implementation (www.equal The Equal Money System will be supported by the Equal Life Party, a political group which is in the early stages of development whose intent is to work from within the current existent system to create a new system (
Desteni, the group of people who proposed the idea, also take into consideration the role of human nature and its place within the systems within which we live. These systems are mainly the economic, religious and educational systems. The Desteni website offers tools with which one can change one’s own nature as a first step toward the global change that exist within the realm of possibility, and which will require a large group of like-minded people to back it. By ‘like-minded’ I’m talking about a group that cares about those who suffer, about the destruction of the environment, and about the devastation and abuse of all life that goes on in this world on a daily basis.  We were all born into these systems the way they currently are therefore this reality is all we know. However, it is possible to look beyond the status quo to a world where all life is valued equally, and all life is supported with adequate food and shelter
The Equal Money System is the first proposal of its kind because it implies equality for ALL, not just some, not many, not the majority, but ALL. This solution is practical because it utilizes the technological, systemic, institutional and physical infrastructure which already exists, and requires nothing more than a change of how we think and act in our daily lives. Yes, it will require work to implement and yes, there will be a time of transition within which we will require to adjust, but how far would you go if it were you or your child that were starving? I’m sure you would be willing to commit your life to it, as many of us are already doing.
I’m writing this blog because I stand for a system that will end child prostitution, animal abuse, environmental degradation and many many crimes against humanity committed in the name of profit. If we don’t stand against these things, then in our inaction we support them. Anyone who can read this has a voice and therefore the responsibility to be a voice for those that have none. Join me, join the group, and let us act now to bring about this solution that will end the hell on earth we may only hear about, and bring about heaven on earth that all may enjoy.
Follow my blog until you understand how this can work, read the Desteni and Equal Money material until you are comfortable with thinking outside the box, and look into the Desteni tools until you realize how much power you, one individual, actually has. Take your time, but take it now.

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