Friday, May 13, 2011


     In Bahrain many oppressed people have begun to protest in their demand for equal rights and a more transparent and accountable government among other things. These protesters are being arrested, tortured and murdered by their own government on the world stage while all powerful countries stand aside and watch.

     This is not surprising to anyone, in fact, we may not even raise an eyebrow because we have heard of this type of abuse so many times before. But the difference is this is going on right now, and in our inaction we are accepting it. It is normal to us and it will continue to happen so long as we don't change.

     Why is change so scary to us? Why are we so docile? How would we feel if it were us and not them who were being tortured and murdered after having been oppressed for so long that we just couldn't take it anymore? And most importantly, how would we want the rest of the world to react?

     I have never been religious but I do agree with the principle of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. When I put myself in the shoes of the citizens of Bahrain I would want help. Not military help, not more war and more conflict, but a huge group of people who will not stand for this kind of outright abuse. This is what we are doing at desteni with the proposal of the Equal Money System. We are taking a stand using social media and proposing a system that will allow all to gain the basics for a dignified life.
     Nobody who is currently in a position of power and great wealth will ever act to change the current system because they require it to live in the lap of luxury as they do. They do not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, and they keep that security by supporting a system that benefits them in this way at the expense of others. This is why mainstream media will never be the voice that changes the world, it has to come from us. This is not a choice, it is a responsibility we have to bear in the name of life, in our name.

     Where will we find the strength, the energy and the compassion to dedicate ourselves to such a venture? This is where the desteniiprocess comes in. It is a process of leadership training that will assist each one to maximize their human potential to the fullest ( This is the process that answers the questions of why we fear change, why we are so docile, and how we can separate ourselves so much from other beings that we do not even care enough to know what's going on in the world. In a way we can be seen as desensitized and brainwashed, having been raised without the proper tools to support ourselves as decent human beings. Instead we are directed by greed and lust, or fear and depression. It is time to learn the tools that will free us all to direct ourselves to a place where we can clearly state: till here no further.

     As we stand here accepting this abuse to take place we blame the elite, however we neglect to realize that we too are the elite. We live in their shadows and reflect their behaviour and live comfortably off the scraps they throw us to keep us content. We are growing fat and medicated, we are slowly losing our rights and every day it becomes a little more difficult to survive. But instead of stopping we continue to hope, to drink away our problems and to work like slaves to pay our way. In our belief that 'at least we have it better than most in the world' we live in the constant fear of having it all taken away and becoming like 'them.' We do not realize that we are them already, not in situation, but in fact. As they suffer, a part of us suffers, and instead of realizing our oneness we go insane. That is why both oneness and equality are required, and the only way we can achieve that is to guarantee each and every human being's basic needs are met, with the opportunity to work for the luxuries in life. This will be the reality in the Equal Money System, a reality that IS possible.

     In Bahrain horrible abuse is going on in our names. Do we stand here, powerless and depressed in our own lives, or do we find how much of a force we can become by taking in to consideration the commonsense of taking care of all life as we would like to be cared for?

     The answer is obvious. Do unto others because others are in fact you. Lets start to take care of ourselves in this world like we should have always done. An Equal Money System will end this repeating cycle of madness once and for all.

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